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Tonka Transmission and Gear is dedicated to providing the highest qualtiy rebuilt transmissions. We specialize in custom high performance transmissions for street strip and HP Diesel applications. We take the time to find the causes of transmission failures and engineer solutions to correct these faults to provide a higher quality trransmission than the factory original. We built transmissions for diesel applications with over 1000 ft lbs of torque!  We also build transmissions for your car, truck and SUV. We build domestic and Import transmissions for shops and individuals all over the US and a few foreign countries as well.

  We also rebuild manual transmissions, transfer cases and differentials. We can ship these units most of the time in 48 hrs. We have many rebuilt units in stock. We build custom torque convertors for your street machine or drag car, pick up truck or performance diesel. We can build any size torque convertor and any desired stll speed.  Let us know what we can build for you.

   What causes transmissions to fail? It has been proven that heat is the #1 enemy of an automatic transmission. When the transmission fluid temperature exceeds 250 degrees, the abilty of the fluid to provide proper lubrication is greatly dimished. We recommen a transmission temp guage on all high performance and towing applications. We also recommend a quality auxillary transmission oil cooler. We can sell and install both of theese items for you. Just ask during your next visit or when making an appointment. The second most common cause of failure is overloading. Towing beyond the transmissions capacity, especially at high speeds and in hot weather. If you are towing a large boat or camper, is your vehicle rated for the weight of the trailer? Is your vehicle equiped with the proper towing package? Be safe, make sure you do not exceed the towing capacity of your vehicle, have an auxillary cooler installed and slow down with a trailer behind your vehicle.